From new moms to seniors: a walking companion for your unique season

Stay active. Stay accountable. Stay encouraged.

Now serving women in Boise, Eagle and Meridian

Some seasons of life throw us off.

Four Seasons Tree

Perhaps you are in a season where you:

  • need encouragement

  • want to be more active

  • feel lonely

  • need help creating healthy routines

  • want to enjoy the outdoors

Welcome to Walk the Block! I‘m on a mission to provide more than just a stroll. Let me motivate, encourage and lend a listening ear all while helping you stay active and accountable through consistent walks together.

Commit to a change, stay grounded and walk confidently through this season!

Walk the Block is perfect

for women who are...

  • retirees
  • new to motherhood
  • new to the area
  • special needs
  • obese
  • recovering from an injury
  • needing a companion
  • feeling blue
  • lacking exercise
  • chronically ill


the joy

of walking


You’ve got life in you! Embrace the change and carve out some time with a personal companion walker. At Walk the Block we’ll put our best foot forward and get you outdoors, soaking up some Idaho weather while experiencing the benefits of walking. No matter your age, fitness level or lifestyle this is for you!

Get started in three easy steps.

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Book a trial walk

Try a free 30-minute partner walk

Pick the package that’s best for you

See what they say!

Pam A.

When I heard about Walk the Block, I quickly realized a walking partner would provide great accountability especially as the weather cooled! I find that after walking with Angela, I also come away with a fresh perspective because of her energy, encouragement and thoughtful questions. It has become so much more than just a walk! Companion walking with Angela will add value to your life on so many levels!

Linda N.

Through Walk the Block, we’ve been on several walks together and I always look forward to them. Angela has become a friend and confident. She is a great listener and is genuine in her concern for my welfare. If you’re seeking an uplifting experience...go walking with Angela!

Jen F.

I am a social exerciser, but being new in town, I really didn’t have anyone to workout with yet. I heard about Walk the Block, and it was the perfect scenario. Angela makes going for walks fun that I forget I’m exercising and just enjoy walking with a friend. After my walk I feel more energized and happy. Angela is organized, thoughtful, a good listener, and she encourages me in my health goals. I highly recommend this service!


Monthly Subscriptions

Walks as low as $8 per walk!

30 minute walks once/week $35-49/month

30 minute walks twice/week $65-89/month

First 30 minute walk is available at no cost

*prices vary due to meet up location

A Walk the Block subscription provides you with a personal companion walker for 30 minutes. Join today, no contract fees and no hassle cancellations.

Let me step in

Hi, I’m Angela. A wife to a husband who has taught me about the benefits of walking. With three boys and all the commitments that come with their schedule, I love to spend time connecting with people through a walk. The trifecta of companionship, spending time outdoors, and the health improvements that come with staying active can bring a small, but vital change in our lives!